Monday, July 11, 2016

Dear Blizzard: Please fix competitive play.

You don't have to look much further than /r/overwatch to see that competitive play is broken.  Matchmaking is a terrible joke, and Blizzard has acknowledge the problem.

After losing around 15 straight matches this weekend, while playing with very competitive friends, I've concluded ranked play is just not functional, much less enjoyable.

Below are some simple ideas, in patch note form, that would make play less terrible.

    • General
    • Player location data, and other exploitable information is treated more securely in the game client. 
      • We also intend to treat the use of aim-bots and other trainers much more severely.  We've hired 1 team member to create new detection methods for Governor on a weekly basis.
    • Heros
    • [Competitive]
      • Hero choice will now be a draft pick.
        • Players will be assigned draft picks randomly (similar to HotS)
        • Heroes must be unique per teams. 
      • Players with less than 8 hours on a given Hero will not be allowed to select that Hero in draft.
        • As a result, players must have 8+ hours of play on 7 unique heroes before entering competitive play.
      • Players can still switch to available heroes during the match.
    • Competitive Play
    • [Party System]
      • Players can "Search" for filler players based on criteria:
        • Minimum number of hours as a certain hero
        • Willingness to play certain class types
        • Hours since unlocking ranked play.
    • [Rank Experience]
      • Winning a match after a team mate leaves will result in a 2x reward
      • Leaving a match will result in a 2x rank loss for the leaver
      • Players that  lose with a level 25 on PUG will suffer no penalty*.

      • Sudden Death has been removed*.
      • 'Suffer No Penalty' has been removed from the early leaver text.
        • We apparently didn't understand what those words meant*.

  • *Tongue in cheek, but seriously these issues need to be addressed.

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