Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Problem with Higher Education - An Unfortunate Email.

At a point in history when self tutoring often provides more than the average Graduate course, it blows my mind how difficult it can be to get into a Masters program.

Recently Drexel reminded me how a poor automated system can exacerbate a situation.

Dear Dan,
Drexel University's Admissions Committee is reviewing graduate applications on Monday, December 16, and we'd like to see your name among them because we think we're a good match for you. With over 70 master's and more than 30 doctoral degree programs, Drexel offers the graduate degree that will help you advance your career. You selected an option during the GRE that allowed us to receive your contact information.
Go to www.drexel.edu/grad/apply to view our program requirements and get started on your application today. We'll waive the $75 fee if you apply online.
If you have questions about the application or our programs, please call 215-895-6700 or email enroll@drexel.edu.
The sooner you apply the better. We look forward to receiving your application.
Casey Turner, PhD
Assistant Vice President, Recruitment
P.S. While many programs review applications on a rolling basis, students are encouraged to apply before January 1 to be considered for assistantships and scholarships, where applicable.
Contact: Drexel University Recruitment, 3141 Chestnut Street, Main Building, Suite 212, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Remove me from future messages (I've tried this remove me link at the bottom.. it doesn't work.)
Forward message to a friend <--(I like my Friends, I'd never do this)
Hi Casey,
I would LOVE to attend Drexel.  
I've applied 3 times. 

Under advisement from your admissions program, I took the GRE's.  

I asked my employer, and co-workers to write letters of recommendation.. twice because your staff suggested I resubmit under a new program.(Very embarrassing).  

I've attended several of your "Get to know Drexel" nights, and inquired of an old friend on your admissions staff the best way to apply.  

In the end, I was told by an admissions officer that "Drexel probably wasn't the school for me." -Primarily because my undergraduate GPA.. from 10 years ago... was too low.

Yet - Here we are, my looking for a Masters program, and your automated system still emailing me.  

Thanks Drexel, but let's just end this here, you're looking desperate.


A Systems Administrator that was very interested in your Masters program. 

Some real suggestions:
1) Allow questionable students to register in a non-matriculated status for a single class to see how they do?
2) Provide applicants specific goals/objectives for a conditional acceptance?

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