Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning Python

A friend asked me last night if I could show him how to learn python.  Here's my best attempt at explaining a few of the most popular options.

  1. Code Academy
    Code academy offers a self paced webpage and example code editor (You read the goal of a particular section then type code into the sample editor to progress)
    This is great if you have at least a minimal understanding of how to write code, or are very self driven to learn.
    If you like a little more hand holding/video interaction this might not be for you. 
  2. Learn Python the Hard Way (It's actually really easy)
    This eBook by Zed Shaw is generally considered one of the best beginners texts.  If you want a solid understanding, and can follow Zed's simple steps you will learn python.  
  3. Learning Interactive Python
    Finally if you think you'd do better in a group setting, there's an AWESOME Coursara class that takes you though python.  I would strongly recommend finishing Zed Shaw's book first.

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